Music Lesson

Hello Everyone,

Today is tutorial day!

Get Ready to Take Note and learn something new.

This lesson will focus on the treble clef of piano. We will only be using our right hand which will give us the melody of the song.

The song we will be learning today is:


First things first, we need to learn the notes on the piano.

When we look at a piano, the middle note is a C. This is called the: Middle C

Music Note Names: Organising The Notes. Date Unknown.

Here we have the keys on the piano with the note that matches. This is called an octave, feel free to refer to the Introduction to Music blog from last week for a wee reminder of what an octave is.

(Google Images) Piano Keyboard Guide. 2014.

When playing piano, we use the number-finger system. This is when we number our fingers as a lot of music will tell you what finger number to play the note with.

Mullet, S. 2018.

We are focusing on our right hand only for this lesson.

Our thumb is number one and then our pinky is number 5.

For Twinkle twinkle, our thumb should be on the middle C.

When playing, we should only be moving our fingers and try to keep our hand in the one place. It is important we don’t let our hand go flat, keep an arch from your fingertips to your wrist.

TOP TIP: Pretend you have a tangerine under your hand, this will help you keep the arch.

Note Lengths:

When we look at the sheet music for twinkle twinkle, the notes are either worth one beat or two beats.

Now for the fun part…lets get playing!!!

Here is the sheet music for Twinkle twinkle:

Music for Music Teachers. 2015.

I have included both the note name and which number of finger should be used.

Here is the link to the piano tutorial: Twinkle Twinkle 💗

That concludes the Music Lesson Blog!!!

I hope that you have learned something new today and I cannot thank everyone enough for all of the positive feedback.

Feel free to send any messages to the Take Note Instagram 💗

Thank you so much for tuning in and taking note.

Have a FANTASTIC week everyone, stay safe and keep smiling. 

Lara x

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